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Our Garden Drainage Solutions

Have you experienced water pooling from time to time in your garden? Garden drainage issues are very common, and there are many potential reasons why they happen. Here at Quality Outdoor Rooms, we have a range of garden drainage solutions to get your outdoor space back to normal! Every garden is different, and we will thoroughly check to see what issues are causing the drainage issues for yours. Among our solutions are the following:

  • French Drainage
  • Media Layer Drainage
  • Deep Tyne Drainage
  • Ditching and Ditch Maintenance
  • New Soakaways

What Could be Causing my Garden Irrigation Problems?

  • High Water Table – If the level of ground water is high in your area, you will be more susceptible to flooding and drainage issues. This is particularly noticeable during heavy rainfall, where rainwater is more likely to build up.
  • Clay Soil – This type of soil is not very porous, meaning water does not soak through easily. This can cause water to build up over the soil, particularly when it rains.
  • Poor Quality Soakaways – Perhaps you have a low budget soakaway which is not very good at catching water. Water can enter your property from any direction, so you need an effective way of providing garden irrigation.
  • Compacted Soils – If your soil is heavily compacted then it may lack the porosity to allow water to soak through. This issue can occur if there is any development in the area that causes the soil to compact.
  • Large Driveways and Patios – These often have nonporous surfaces that create large catchment areas for rainfall. Depending on the gradient of your driveway or patio, the water could either end up in the flower beds, in drains, or it can pool in one specific area, causing flooding.
  • Water Entering Property – Perhaps, despite your best efforts, water keeps flowing in from other places – through the ground, from nearby slopes, from the road, etc. To find the right garden drainage solutions, you need to determine where this water is coming from.

If you're experiencing drainage issues in your garden, our team can help you find the right solution! To find out why we're the experts when it comes to garden irrigation in London, please get in touch today.

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