Garden Services in London


Based in London, the professionals at Quality Outdoor Rooms provide a great range of services to locals looking to improve their gardens. With decking, paving, and more available, we’re sure that we have the perfect service for you. Our work is all undertaken to please you, so no matter what you need, please get in touch now!

Decking Installation

We offer high-quality workmanship and materials for our hardwood decking, typically using three materials; standard, hardwood, and composite. Standard decking is pressure treated and lasts for around 7-10 years and it needs yearly maintenance and protection. Hardwood decking is more durable and is guaranteed for at least 25 years with no maintenance required. Composite decking is good as there is virtually no maintenance at all, it keeps colour over time, and it’s strong and durable.

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Starting with an initial consultation and quote, we establish your needs and ensure we can complete the work in terms of regulations. Using all the proper materials in line with British standards, we offer supply-and-fit services, as well as fit-only services for pre-purchased flagstones. Our work means that installation is done properly, helping you to avoid damage or deterioration.

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We offer various options for our fencing and have made improvements to traditional methods. One of the benefits of choosing us is that we complete work to the highest possible standards at all times. We use our years of experience and the best materials to serve every customer effectively.

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Irrigation Systems

Our team can install sprinkler systems and maintain the system for you, ensuring your garden is always watered. This is excellent for those who go on regular business trips or those who don’t have the time to get up in the early hours to water their garden. You can simply set and tailor your schedule and leave the system to it.

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Lawn Installation

We can remove old grass, check your soil for drainage, and also lay the new turf. Aftercare advice is always available, and this included guidance on how long it takes for the turf to root; typically three to six weeks. If you can't pull the turf up, this means that is has rooted and you’ll need to reduce the water levels.

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Garden Drainage

We have a wide knowledge of garden drainage. If you have a problem with water pooling in your garden, we’ll come and check the root of the cause and ensure there are no leaks from underground pipes. Our team establish why the water is pooling and how to treat it. Each garden is different and we have different solutions for each. From land drains to high-power pumps, we ensure the water is draining so that you get to fully enjoy the garden of your dreams.

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Additional Services

Our experts can also offer a garden lighting installation in conjunction with other project work.

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